Drawing #5: Joe Hamm

Vampire movies have been around since way back in the day. For some people just can’t get enough Vampire movies. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good vampire movie, but with the whole “Twilight” craze, vampires in pop culture is in a sad, sad state. I don’t understand how people can take something that is supposed to be a remorseless killing machine that drinks blood and turn it into a preteen romance movie. Does not compute…

How do you go from this….


to this?


Anyways, vampire movies have been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until 1922’s “Nosferatu” that everyone realized that vampire movies were awesome.

For those who haven’t seen Nosferatu (you totally should see it)  I won’t spoil it for you, but basically it’s about a realtor who goes to Transylvania to sell Count Orlok (a vampire) a house. For some reason, he sells Orlok the house across the street from his own home then has to deal with it. I love the character of Count Orlok, he’s a pretty creepy dude, but not a scary kind of creepy, like the really awkward kind of creepy. Here’s a couple good examples of what I mean.

as if that isn’t awkward enough, check out what Count Orlok does during dinner time

yep. Orlok is just creepily awkward enough to try and suck that guys thumb. When I watch Nosferatu, sometimes I can’t help but feel awkward for Orlok, everything he does is just so hilariously awkward. The way he moves around is pretty awesome too. Check out this famous scene of Count Orlok awkwardly creeping around and giving a lady a heart attack.

Yep, Count Orlok is a pretty great character. This next piece of art is a little tribute to him.

I always thought it was funny how awkward Orlok made everything. Just the way he moved around and went about his business was creepy and awkward, so I liked to think about how awkwardly he would play with a Yo-Yo. The words at the top were the beginning of my notes for that class. In case you were wondering, it says “Stakhanovite = moral + hard worker” A stakhanovite is a soviet citizen who works past their mandatory quota.  Anywways, I hope you enjoy my picture of Count Orlok playing with a Yo-Yo. If you haven’t seen Nosferatu, I highly recommend you watch it. You can watch it on YouTube at the link posted below.



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