Rocko’s Modern Life

Rocko’s Modern Life was such a great show. Back in the early 90’s Rocko’s Modern Life was quite popular. Rocko’s Modern Life was full of adult humor; actually, the more I think about  it, the more I realize that young kids probably shouldn’t have watched it. That’s nothing new though. shows like Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren n’ Stimpy, and Cow and Chicken, though they’re airing on a kid’s cartoon, network have been laden with adult humor. With references to Clockwork Orange to political satire, these shows have have an element of humor that is completely lost on kids.


One thought on “Rocko’s Modern Life

  1. Starwolf says:

    You are completely right about adult humor in cartoons. I think there are multiple reasons for that approach. First off, you have adults writing the jokes and even if they aren’t trying many of their thoughts are poured into the cartoon. Second, I believe they do purposely put adult jokes in the cartoons not only for their own entertainment but to transcend generations. They will ultimately make more money the larger their audience.

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