A Tribute to Jek Porkins

There are few franchises that have garnered a fan following as big as Star Wars; One might even say there are NO franchises to garner as big a following. 34 years and three horrible sequels later, Star Wars is still just as popular as it ever was. Appealing to a range from toddlers to people who watched the original in 1977, Star Wars has a ridiculously large fan base, and some small things that would be forgotten in any other movie have become cult icons. Enter Jek Tono Porkins, rotund starfighter pilot of  Star Wars IV: a New Hope (1977)…

Jek Tono Porkins or “Red 6”  as the “Red Squadron” called him, made a name for himself as “that one fat x-wing pilot”  back in 77′ when Star Wars first came out. As the first starfighter shot down, I’m pretty sure Porkins has less than 7 seconds of screen time. That’s just enough time to make himself out to be an unforgettably incompetent ass. The shear absurdness of the character of Porkins didn’t stop Lucasfilm (and Hasbro) from making an action figure of him. And with the shear absurdness of the Star Wars fanbase, it’s really not surprising that some of them bought it. Here is what YouTube user “goldleaderone” thought of the action figure. This guy cracks me up.

Pretty awesome…Now if that video inspired you to collect your own Jek Porkins action figure, just click the picture below for the Jek Porkins action figure at Amazon.

Porkin’s brief stint on the silver screen was all it took to make him ripe for parodies.

I’m not exactly sure why Mr. Jek Porkins is naked in this picture, but here he is. On his first and last attempt at destroying the deathstar


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