The Choice

Picnics and don’t happen anywhere near as often as they should. There’s nothing quite like hanging out outside, sitting on the grass and devouring picnic delicacies. Ever since I was a tiny-tot, I’ve always had a hard time deciding which I wanted; the HotDog or the Hamburger.

Now a lot of people pass judgement on the hotdog, they’re considered disgusting to some; people call it “garbage food” and complain about how hotdogs are made out of gnarly leftover fat and other bits and pieces of the animal that nobody else wants. That’s not disgusting, that’s EFFICIENCY! it’s like some kind magical process that turns something nobody wants into one of the delicious foods crafted by the clumsy hands of humankind. It’s like recycling. I’m pretty sure that if people ate more hotdogs, there would be less global warming. People who don’t like hotdogs are wasteful. Not only are hotdogs eco-friendly, they’re pretty tasty. There’s pretty much an unlimited variety of toppings to put on em. Here’s a few examples.

Click the picture for an awesome hotdog recipe

I'm pretty sure I'd eat those


Kobayashi knows whats up

That guy is the greatest athlete of all time.

Anyways, on the other hand we have HAMBURGERS.

I don’t even know what to say about hamburgers, they’re so amazing. While not as convenient at picnics, hamburgers are so tasty. Don’t believe me? Just ask Samuel L. Jackson.

Anyhoo. This masterpiece represents the internal struggle while deciding which of the two you want.

That day “time code” was as far as I got in my notes…don’t judge.










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