Self Portrait

Self Portraits are weird. Not ALL of them, but alot of famous artists have done some pretty strange self portraits. Don’t get me wrong, painting or drawing is a good way to “channel your feelings” or whatever, but in all seriousness I think some artists got a little full of themselves and tried to hard to create a self portrait with some deeper meaning. Seriously?! Painting yourself as a fricken deer with arrows in it?! What does that even MEAN? A normal painting with a sad expression or maybe a simple note that says “I feel bad” on the bottom of a would’ve gotten the message across…

yeah, nice job Frida Kahlo; thats REAL deep. ALSO, how is that deerlady still ALIVE? she’s got like nine arrows stuck in her, and a couple of em look like they’re lodged in some real vital areas. Now I don’t know if whoever is reading this has ever hunted deer…or pretty much anything for that matter, but after being shot in the neck, most animals die. I hate this picture. And now I’m craving venison. Lets move on, shall we?

Don’t get me wrong, painting yourself as a deer thats been shot full of arrows is pretty weird, but at least the deer has a normal expression on. The face is normal, and the deer’s posture is pretty normal looking. Lets look at a self portrait that has neither a normal expression or pose. I give you Mr. Joseph Decreux…Joe Decreux’s self portraits are so hilariously weird that they’ve become an internet meme. Look it up, they’re actually pretty hilarious (they’re usually modern song lyrics transcribed to old english)

I actually have no idea if he’s trying to get some kind of an idea across or if he was awesome enough to do these for fun, but Decreux’s self portraits are so hilariously awesome. Here’s a high resolution one, just in case you want to have one as your desktop background.

Hahahaha, what a classy dude. Anyways, I did a self portrait during one of my classes. Its not as weird as deerlady or as awesome as Decreux’s stuff. but here it is.

I decided that I needed an owl in my self portrait. The owl represents my inner pain and the tuxedo shirt represents the facade that is my gentlemanly personality towards the world.

Just kidding.

But seriously owls are cool birds.


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