Drawing #4: Jason Sinoben

Graffiti has been around for a LONG time. As long as there have been walls there have been people who like to draw on them. The earliest example of what I consider REAL graffiti has got to be from the City of Pompeii, the city that is famous for getting wiped out by an angry volcano (hell of a way to go) One could argue that cave paintings are the first example of graffiti, but the way I see it If you live in a cave, and you paint on the wall, its just a picture on your wall. I guess if some unruly caveman intruded into another caveman’s house and painted obscene things on the wall it would be graffiti, but that sounds a little ridiculous. But that’s neither here nor there…Anyways, Pompeii was founded around 2,000 years ago, after it was rediscovered in 1749, archaeologists started finding some drawings and writings on the wall.   

Here is a list of various Graffito that has been translated


from simple things like “on April 19th, I made bread” to more obscene messages such as “Secundus likes to screw boys” it was all there.  Old-timer romans were a pretty gnarly bunch. Here is a link to the wikipedia page on Latin profanity. I’m definitely not going to recommend reading it, but here it is if you want to. Examples of the type of stuff you’d see written and drawn on the walls back in the day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_profanity

Anyways, Graffiti has come a long way since then. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure someone somewhere is running around spray-painting “So&So likes to screw boys” this very moment, but as an art form, graffiti has reached a level of sophistication that has never been seen before.

While in most places graffiti is considered vandalism and is illegal, the public can’t help but admire a lot of graffiti.

A few graffiti artists, like Banksy, Pixnit and Ces53 have garnered a lot of positive attention for the art of graffiti. No one knows who Banksy is, but whenever new art of his shows up, everyone flocks to go see it.

Anyways…Jason’s drawing is pretty amazing

The style of this drawing has a really cool urban feel to it. I feel like if this was painted up on a wall somewhere, it would be perfect. I’m not advocating vandalism here…but I think Jason should totally go paint this somewhere. This picture should be a mural on the side of a building. Also, that panda is throwing a TV into the ocean. That’s great.


Drawing #3: Joe Hamm


Francisco Goya was a pretty cool dude.

Goya is one of those names you hear a bunch in the painting world; and for good reason, this guy was a pretty good painter. His work inspired people like Picasso and Manet  to become painters when they grew up. But that’s neither here nor there. Lets talk about Goya and his work…So Goya’s career started picking up after he started doing portraits for super classy aristocrats like Don Pedro here

After doing portraits for for a while, people started realizing how great this guy’s paintings were, so he was able to start selling other kinds of paintings. Like this one of a bunch of grown men playing with a kite.

Anyways, eventually Goya got old and nearly died a couple of times. He started getting paranoid about dying and began painting his REALLY cool stuff. Painting enthusiasts call them The Black Paintings . This painting is called Old Men Eating Soup

Now, a lot of The Black Paintings are pretty cool, but I’ve always had one favorite Goya painting. Saturn Devouring His Son.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Saturn(or Chronus) The story goes…Saturn heard some kind of a prophecy that one of his sons would grow up and kill him and take his spot as king of everything. Saturn didn’t like the sound of that, so every time a son was born, he would EAT HIM. This went on for a while, until Saturn’s wife, Hera, tricked him into eating a rock instead of one of the babies. The kid’s name was Zeus. Zeus grew up and banished him and became king of the gods, or something.

Anyways, I always thought that this painting was hilarious. I drew my own rendition of it during one of my classes…The original painting is pretty awesome, but It REALLY needed some rollerskates.

Drawing #2: By JoeHamm

I’m just gonna say it now. Abraham Lincoln was awesome. This guy re-unified the country and freed the slaves.

According to photographer David Weigers, there’s over 200 statues of Lincoln in the US(http://www.pbs.org/wnet/lookingforlincoln/interactives/maps/interactive-map-lincoln-statues-across-the-country/187/)

200 statues isn’t enough. We need more Statues of Lincoln. What a champion of truth and freedom! And I’m sure that hat and beard combo was a big hit with the ladies…Anyways, today’s drawing is a little homage to everyone’s favorite 6’4, scary looking president


Drawing #1: By JoeHamm

Hi there!

My name is Joe. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time drawing things during class, but that’s what this blog is all about; to learn more about the site head over to the ABOUT page, lets just skip to piece #1 in the JOE HAMM exhibit…   For some reason I really like the idea of a bunch of mindless people willingly following each other off of a cliff. I find the thought very amusing. Some people may think it’s a little dark, but to me that’s what art is all about, the weird insanity. If the subject of a drawing is something unextraordinary, what’s the point? Normality is forgettable. When it comes to weird subjects, Gustave Dore (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustave_Dor%C3%A9) takes the cake…Behold! Naked Head Guy!

Dore has got to be my most favorite artist. He’s done a whole bunch of illustrations for bizarre and macabre stories like the Divine Comedy, The Raven, Paradise Lost,  Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, The Tempest, and the Book of Revelations. Really cool stuff. I’d be lying if I said that his work hasn’t affected the the subject matter of my drawings. Not only is the subject of Dore’s work super cool, but his art style is awesome. The use of only black and white, and the way he shades his work is amazing.